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Author Perry Ann Snodgrass’ new book “Against the Tide” is now available.


Not yet on the shelves of bookstores, you have the opportunity of purchasing  an early-release copy online.

Against the Tide is a wonderfully researched, beautifully written and illustrated dramatised history.

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4 young women

Pride in their new country, hard work, entrepreneurship, love affairs and heartbreak are part of the story of four young women and their lives in colonial New South Wales. Against the Tide is a true story of the three wives and sister of an educated convict…


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Author Against the Tide

Early influences include childhood on a dairy farm, a career as a colourist for a firm of commercial photographers in Sydney where she worked with the top photographers and graphic designers of the day, David Moore, Max Dupain and Gordon Andrews. She moved on to a life on the cane fields in North Queensland

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it's 1834...

Sarah and Mary-Ann Salmon had mixed emotions when the Princess Victoria finally sailed into Sydney cove on 4 February 1834. The two women thanked God for keeping them all safe on their voyage. Their home-sickness and apprehension was overcome by the excitement of seeing their beloved Thomas again.

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“I was surprised how far people travelled, by ship, horseback or dray and horses. Mary, Thomas and their daughter’s trip over the Blue Mountains was hair-raising.”

“It is so easy to read and even if one was not related to the people in the book it would still be a valuable book to read from a historical point of view”

“You brought my distant relatives to life for me”

“An easy read, well researched, edited and published.”

“How difficult life must have been for women with never ending pregnancies and no doctors or hospitals”.

“William Watt was a charming cad, no wonder Anne fell for him”

“Couldn’t put it down”


A women’s perspective of the colony

Writing ‘Against the Tide’ has been an interesting journey especially as I wanted to capture the female perspective of life in the colony. As the months went by all I had was a collection of facts neatly diarised which, on their own, were pretty dry. When I began to...

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Welcome to the new site

Welcome to my new website. Here you'll find everything you need to know about my new book Against The Tide. The book has been the culmination of many years reseach, many years of writing, editing and then many weeks movng into design and print. So far reader's...

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